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Get Happy Tour [27 Jun 2007|12:20pm]


On June 24th, I went to a Bowling For Soup concert, in Papillion, Nebraska. It was the first official night of the Get Happy tour.

It was so awesome! Definitely the highlight of my summer. 

I will post a picture for you, then a lot more under the cut!

For more pictures and comments from the concert, you can check out this post at my journal.

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25 Multifandom Icons [19 Jun 2007|09:24pm]

[ mood | calm ]

[05] Anthony Fedorov
[10] Bowling for Soup
[10] Prison Break, general season 2, mild spoilers.

-Don't edit.
-Don't hotlink.
-Credit = ♥
-Comments = ♥


( Fake cut to my art journal )

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[18 Jun 2007|03:42pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Get Happy tour -  Bowling for Soup, Bloodhound Gang,  Army of Freshmen and Zebrahead.

Me and my sister are going to the Wolverhampton date (october 23rd)

This tour is going to rock been wanting to see The Bloodhound Gang for age's.

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Salt Lake City January 18th [20 Jan 2007|10:59am]

Okay so I saw them in Salt Lake city the other night. I was in the front row and dead center. I even got to go to their sound check. I took some pictures but they aren't uploaded on any photo site yet (I'll let you know when they are) but I took a bunch of videos. I'm going to post one a couple of them but you can go to my youtube to get the rest of them.

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bfs in raleigh [14 Dec 2006|05:37pm]

hey guys if you check out my journal i wrote an entry about the show on the 12th. just figured i'd post since it's been a while! i may add pictures, but i think i might be too lazy.

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Bowling For Soup - November 11!!! [26 Oct 2006|09:09pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

*crickets chirping*

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[18 Apr 2006|11:45am]



Bowling For Soup is going back out on tour this summer, BUT this Sunday you can catch them in Minnesota! They're playing at Winona State University (hour away from Rochester, Minnesota--2 1/2 from Minneapolis-- 30 minutes from La Crosse, WI) for ONLY $15!

Tickets are on sale on Ticketmaster! You guys should definitely come see them- it's going to be a great concert!
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TONS of Junior's Clothes [09 Apr 2006|04:35pm]

hey guys, i hate to post stuff like this in here, but i need money for my trip to japan!! i cleaned out my closet and everything is really cheap so check it out!

16 short-sleeved, tank tops:


15 long-sleeved, 3/4 sleeved, and hoodies:


2 pairs of Nike running shorts:


2 dresses:


12 pairs of pants (jeans, slacks, capris, etc.):


2 pairs of Vans skate shoes:


4 pairs of assorted shoes/boots/sandals/flip flops:


[Edited on April 8, 2006 at 9:30 PM. Reason : .]
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I am a NERD [06 Mar 2006|02:06am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Happy 34th Birthday Jaret!

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[21 Feb 2006|07:10pm]


Click here to join BowlingforSoup101
Click to join BowlingforSoup101

This is my new yahoo group. JOIN! :)
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Random BFS Encounter [19 Dec 2005|04:06pm]

[ mood | curious ]

My fiancee and I go into Waterloo Records (my favorite record store EVER) for christmas shopping, and I was standing maybe 25 feet away, when I looked up and saw mounted on the wall a black guitar that looks a lot like Jaret's. I almost moved on and didn't pay anymore attention to it, until I noticed the Texas flag sticker stuck under where the strings end (I'm not up on guitar lingo, so I apologize; I'm sure it has a real name). I notice four signatures done in silver. I notice Me running out the door to go get my best friend lisamariee, and fellow BFS stalker co-hort, out of the car.

I announce to lisamariee, "Get out of the car and come inside!" "Why?" she inquires. "They have an AUTOGRAPHED BOWLING FOR SOUP GUITAR ON THE WALL!" "Get me out of here!"
We stared at it for a looooong time. I wonder how long it's been there, and if they got it from an auction or if the guys gave it to them. lisamariee and I speculate because Jaret still uses the Texas guitar, and the Union Jack guitar. We know he gave his blue guitar to the kids in DV8 (one of the bands he manages)... but the black guitar was not seen at the last show we went to (obviously not the acoustic)... so if anyone had more recent concert photos in which the black guitar was played, lemme know. I know, we're freaks. Don't judge us!

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BFS Photos - 05/08/05 [11 Nov 2005|01:38am]

[ mood | relieved ]

So it took me awhile, but I finally edited the photos from the Bowling For Soup show at Emo's on May 8th, 2005. Check out the fruits of my labor and let me know what you think.

Austin, TX at Emo's on May 08, 2005.

x-posted everywhere.

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[24 Oct 2005|04:46pm]

[ mood | Great! ]

So I saw them on Saturday!

It was the best thing I have ever been to! and guess what...Me and 3 more of my friends walked past the tour van before the show and there was Jaret! We shouted to him and he came and spoke to us!! I got a photo with him (its on my friend's camera though =( ) and he signed my shoe. In return we gave him some of the glow sticks we were wearing, he wore them on stage! Really it was just the four of us randomly chatting to him for about 10mins!

Well when we got inside to see them we were right at the front the whole time. The support acts were  Army of Freshman (they were amazing),MC Lars (post-punk laptop rap) and American Hi-Fi!

Well the show started at about 11pm and Bowling for Soup came on about 1am. We were standing on the right so we were right next to Erik! He gave me one of his Bass Picks (that he had chewed) because I gave him a glow band! I also caught one of Jaret's guitar picks.

The show ended around 4am, they said it was the latest show they had done for 3 years! We also talked to Jaret afterwards! He's so nice =D!!

It was really funny at the end of The Bitch Song they started singing Holla Back Girl and instead of saying 'This shit is bananas' they sang 'Gary is allergic to Carrots'. And then they talked about calling the next album 'Do You Want To Scratch my Balls?', we didn't get it but they were laughing themselves silly! Then one of the Roadies came on and tried to break dance and then they started Belching into the Mics as loud as they could!

I'm sorry i didn't get any photos wish I did though because Erik had an awesome pink Mohawk, Gary was wearing a cowgirl hat! So much fun!

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[12 Oct 2005|09:13pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

anyone got any bowling for soup gif. images?


Thanks for your help, i'm having a competion with my friend!


10 days till bowling for soup! soooo excited!

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WTF? [30 Sep 2005|08:35pm]

[ mood | curious ]

holy shit.

k*shots is down.
does anyone know what is up with that?

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[20 Sep 2005|06:48pm]

[ mood | Very Very Happy! ]

Don't want brag but seeing Bowling For Soup in 33days! On October 22. Its's going to be awesome! My first ever concert! It's a really small venue can hold bout 300 people so I can get real close to the stage! My dad works there so i get free tickets for me and my friends. really can't wait. Plus there are rumors going that it's going to be filmed. i'll take a digital camera and get some good shots for you all! I'm not a die hard bowling for soup fan, but can anyone recommend any songs i should look out for?

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Another Reason BFS Rocks! [02 Sep 2005|06:35pm]

[ mood | happy ]

For those not on the yahoogroups list this is an article that you should read that will make you proud to be a fan of Bowling For Soup...



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What a rip!!! [31 Aug 2005|11:29am]


Who would say BFS is a rip??? Surely not me. I remember when they came to Fayetteville, AR earlier this year. I bought tickets for me and my woman. Problem was that I had bought the tickets about half a month before the concert to realize that I had my own concert to go to... the UofA symphonic band concert at the same time the BFS plus other bands (Wedding and Riddlin Kids, I believe) were there. It didn't click that they occurred at the same time. So, I had driven 45 minutes to Fort Smith, AR to pick her up and 45 minutes back to Fayetteville, dropped her off at the BFS concert before the concerts started, went to my own concert, took care of business there, and went back in time to see BFS play two songs. I had completely missed the other two bands, which I hear were pretty good as well.

Makes me sad that after all that, they ran out of 1985 shirts, which is my birth year. I had bought those tickets for her as an anniversary/birthday gift. Plus, I had to drive her back to Fort Smith and myself back to Fayetteville to do some late night, procrastinated homework!!!! Talk about hardcore, eh? Despite my shortcomings that night, I'd say the money spent to listen to those two songs live was well worth it... plus I got a poster autographed by the dudes, which of course miss super BFS fan keeps to herself, but that's okay... I myself am not a hardcore, do-or-die fan, but I love their music nonetheless!
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BFS Concert in Alexandria, LA [29 Aug 2005|01:03pm]

[ mood | content ]

Yea I feel the same way about the stupid chairs...but luckily they are good to stand on to see over all the people who were standing in front....I wish they would have gotten to play longer...and vanilla ice sucked after that...he didnt even show up til an hour later...i hope BFS comes back to a smaller venue or at least one thats not all ages...kids showed up cause they had seen BFS on the Disney channel...then couldnt handle the reality of the whole concert thing...anyhow i didnt get any pictures....got a shore throat from screaming and singing thou...oh and i got a shirt FINALLY..its the hangover you dont deserve shirt with the guy puking...heh rock on!

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Mandatory BFS Recap [28 Aug 2005|11:53pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Alexandria, Louisiana - 08/27/05

This place had chairs set up.
I find my compatriot, who is sitting a coupla rows back, looking bewildered. I share the same expression. This is effin' ridiculous. So we wait. then the show started.
And the stage was rushed. yes! anarchy! and the adults couldn't stand it! bwhaha. The barricade was still kinda far from the stage so my pictures prolly aren't going to be very good. Like, I couldn't see Gary at all from where I was standing... but before the show I was walking by the stage, and noticed they had *ahem* obtained a sign that said "Gary Blvd" and it was leaning on the drum riser, so I got a shot of that and hopefully that will come out.
I was paying attention to the little differences, this being my first out of state show. They didn't play My Hometown... Jaret normally opens with that... And he only played his Texas guitar for the first two songs or so, he played his black one for the rest of the night (swapped out with the union jack for a second too). To my out-of-state friends, does Jaret normally play something besides his Texas guitar?
The show was kinda short, and very toned down, but they guys were great and entertaining all the same. Jaret invited everyone over to his house so his mom could make "some sort of italian food" (normally when he mentions his mom making everyone food it's manicotti) and Chris invited people over to play with his guinea pig, but Erik advises you to book in advance because the guinea pig is kinda elitist. Gary was once again mentioned for being allergic to carrots, and the best news from the whole show:
One of the tracks from the album coming out in DECEMBER(!) is going to be Matthew Sweet's "Sick Of Myself"!!!1!!one!!!!eleven!!!

Required Set List:
Last Rock Show
Punk Rock 101
Trucker Hat
Ohio (with the Solider/Bananas Carrots(!) medley)
Hit Me Baby One More Time
Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Jaret and Erik had a little fake fight and it was funny. Erik was trying to talk over Jaret, but as you know Jaret's mic is much louder than Erik's. Jaret pointed this out and Erik threw his mic down and jumped off the stage into the area between the stage and the barrier as though he was throwing a fit. It was funny. :D

Pictures will be posted... at some point. Hopefully.
I also finished editing the Dallas photos, so go take a look.

PS: It was awful driving back to Texas in the traffic from all the people evacuating Louisiana. I've never been in a traffic jam at 3am before. I'm glad that most of the people are out of the way of the storm. It's supposed to be awful, so I'm glad they're safe. Best wishes to all from Louisiana and their friends and family who remain there.

See you guys on Tuesday!

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